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Need some bombastic tips for summer? With him it’s a piece of cake!

Life doesn’t stop in summer if you’re a sports bettor. Just know how and with whom you can win big!

For many people, the summer is a time for relaxation, whether it’s for work or for betting on sport. Of course, life doesn’t stop there either, with friendly matches starting and the European Championships coming up soon. But if we look a little further afield, we can also find our calculations on the pitch with Logibet’s leading tipster.

We first reported on Blueeyez37‘s incredible form back in mid-April, but the fact is that the basketball guru has just added another shovel to his excellent numbers.

Last 12 months' statistics of Blueeyez37

Whatever stats you look at, you’ll find ROIs of 8-10% for the tipster, while the last 30 days are green with an ROI of 19% – sensational data.

The tipster, who has been leading Logibet for a few days now, will not stop in the summer as the various basketball leagues are buzzing, which is also evident in last year’s tipster numbers. He published nearly 150 tips in May-June-July 2023, so there is no dead period.

For those less familiar with the world of ROIs, it’s worth noting that with hundreds of tips, an ROI of 8-9% is practically world class, so there’s no question that the value of the subscription is far outweighed by the expertise of the tipster.

How can you get Blueeyez37’s tips this summer?

You can get the tipster’s tips on Logibet by purchasing the NORMAL or PRO package at a very reasonable price. What’s more, you can do so with a 10% discount by clicking on the link below, exclusively through Topsters. The tipster will only give you his tips on Logibet, so you will be notified by email and push message after publication.

Need some bombastic tips for summer? With him it’s a piece of cake!

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