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When the best bet is the most common – card pick on Spain vs France

With Slovenian support, the Spanish and French teams will go head-to-head, hopefully producing a colourful 90 minutes.

No less a name than the referee of the Champions League final, Slavko Vincic, will be in charge of the first semi-final, Spain-France, while Felix Zwayer will be in charge of tomorrow’s game. It also means that the Spaniard, previously embroiled in a drugs scandal, is unlikely to be handed the final, which is likely to be the crowning moment of Daniele Orsato’s career. But first, let’s take a look at this first semi-final, from 22bet.

Vincic got Hungary-Switzerland and Spain-Italy in the group after the Dortmund-Real final at the Euros, and there was nothing wrong with his performance. He gave out 9 cards in the two games, and we know he’s not afraid to reach into his pockets when it comes to that.

In his last 8 national team matches Vincic has always given out at least 4 cautions.

During this period, he has shown 5 yellow cards in both games for Spain, which – and we’ll shoot the joke now – would be a welcome development for us. Because we’re winking at the over, even though we can’t count on Dani Carvajal’s charitable help on the pitch this time.

Although the French have only 7 yellow cards in 5 games, the Spaniards have seen their tally rise considerably in the quarter-final against Germany. Although the Spanish side are one of the most sporting teams in Europe, they were not far off Rodri’s toughness against the Nationalelf.

As the yellow cards have been cancelled, no one has to fear this, although three Spanish players were also banned in the previous round.

There is no room for tactics in a European semi-final, and this is expected to be a tough battle between two teams of similar ability. I’d be very surprised if there weren’t at least 4-5 cautions, so it’s pointless to complicate the picks, we’ll go for the obvious.

Pick: Over 4.0 cards @1.95código bônus 22bet
When the best bet is the most common – card pick on Spain vs France

If it’s a good match, we can

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