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Topsters’ mission is to create a platform for sports betting enthusiasts where they can find all the information and help they need to successfully bet on sports in one place.


Topsters aims to work with the best partners in the sports betting industry to serve its readers with the highest quality. At Topster you can find both the best bookmakers in the world and the best sports betting tipsters. is to collect the best tipsters from the biggest partners in the business to compare them. We believe that the tipsters can be evaluated in more complicated ways than just by their profits or ROIs, that is why we developed the Topsters-index. This is a special statistical formula that ranks the punters.

Our system evaluates the tipsters in the most complex way, analyzing three different categories that are essential to be reliable. 

Profitabilitystability, and experience together determine if the tipster is competent in this particular profession.

If our concept aroused your interest, and you would like to see you or your experts on the Topsters-rankings, we would be happy to see you as our newest partner.


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