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These are the most likely outcomes for Real Madrid-Barcelona

On Sunday night, Real Madrid can put an end to their La Liga title race by beating Barca. Here are the most likely outcomes according to the bookmakers.


Sunday evening at 21:00 will see the top match of the weekend, Real Madrid vs Barcelona. The clash between the Spanish La Liga leaders and the defending champions is always a sensation, and the main attraction of this encounter is that Real Madrid could extend their lead over Catalonia to 11 points and decide the title.

This is a great opportunity for Real Madrid and with a big BL still to come in the final weeks of the year, they should get the league over with as soon as possible.

According to the bookmakers, there is no question that Carlo Ancelotti’s side are the favourites, with the Royal League on offer at odds of around 1.80, while a Barca win could be worth four times our money.

Barcelona will of course be looking to grasp at the last straw, but their confidence is likely to have been dented by their disastrous BL defeat to PSG. There’s a huge disappointment at Barca these days, while everyone at Madrid can wake up in the morning with a smile on their face after City’s elimination (too).

We’ll be covering Sunday night’s El Clásico in more detail, but for now we’ve taken a preliminary look at what the bookmakers think are the most likely outcomes. Well, it’s no surprise that we didn’t find any of the lowest odds for a Barcelona win.

According to the bookmakers, the most likely outcome is a 1-1 draw anyway, followed by various variations of a Real win in order of probability.

These are the most likely outcomes for Real Madrid-Barcelona

The race is over for the 5th