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Free strong Formula-1 pick for the weekend!

The 2024 Formula 1 season kicks off on Thursday, and after last year’s season, Logibet’s tipster is set to go big again.

After last week’s test, the engines are now firing on the grid as the Bahrain Grand Prix officially kicks off the 2024 Formula 1 season. Due to a slightly unusual arrangement, the weekend starts on Thursday, with the race taking place on Saturday afternoon.

And the 24-race season gives not only the drivers a chance to chase podiums or victories, but also the tipsters. David667, the Logibet Formula 1 expert, is probably hoping for the same.

David joined Logibet in May 2023, and for the rest of the season David has placed 123 Formula 1 bets on Logibet, making 167 units of profit and a 33% ROI.

And his amazing numbers were not only with foreign bookmakers, but also with domestic ones, which also shows his ability to adapt to new markets.

David667 overall statistics at Logibet.com

Free tip from david667

His first picks for the season have already been posted on Logibet, with four picks for his followers so far. One of them is free, so you can check it out by clicking here after logging in. You can register or log in to Logibet here.

What do you need to know about david667?

  • He is a tipster who specialises mainly in Formula 1, Hungarian football and corner kicks.
  • He usually plays higher odds, especially in Formula 1, where average odds above 10 are possible.
  • Besides his Logibet page, he is also active on Discord, where he sends live picks to his followers.
  • The premium tipster tips are available with an individual package.
Free strong Formula-1 pick for the weekend!

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Free strong Formula-1 pick for the weekend!

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