Atalanta’s EL win could produce a strange result

It has become in the interest of Italian football to keep Atalanta in 5th place.

With incredibly clever football, Atalanta secured a beautiful victory in Dublin on Wednesday night, overturning the paper in the Europa League final. The knockout of Leverkusen, who have had a (in)unbeaten season, means a lot not only to the fans in Bergamo but to Italy as a whole, especially as it could send six teams to the Champions League in Serie A if all goes well.

The Italian league has already decided to send 5 teams to the most prestigious cup competition, but the EL winner’s entry to the CL is reserved for Atalanta.

Thus, if Atalanta finish 5th in Serie A, AS Roma could be among the bests in the next season.

To do so, Gasperini’s boys must not overtake either Bologna or Juventus, even by chance. It also means that even the 9th place team in the Italian points table, Torino, can go to the Conference League. A team that is visiting Bergamo this weekend, where the Bulls will almost certainly be greeted by a festive atmosphere and tired players.

Torino to beat Atalanta @2.13

On Friday night, we will be a little bit smarter about the final standings, as the Genoa-Bologna game will take place, where if Thiago Motta’s side were to lose, it would mean that Lookman could only get a maximum of 2 points in 2 games to keep their current position.

But it is far from clear what is more important for Atalanta: a possible bronze medal or Roma’s start in the CL.

Atalanta to lose according to bettors

After the EL-success, the Bulls’ odds have dropped significantly for Sunday night at 20bet, and we can now put the team from the city of industry just above double. However, the fact that both Bologna and Juventus play earlier than Atalanta could be a significant factor, meaning that if the two 68-point teams win, the blue and black can safely bring their own game.

Napoli would be happy with that, as last year’s champions could still clinch one of the cup qualification places. However, if the Old Lady lose to Monza, Atalanta would be 2 points behind in their remaining two games, which is a more controversial issue.

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