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In Lyon, the two European giants will be straining against each other, and we prefer to pull towards the course selector.

The German national team, which has been unable to perform consistently for years, will play in Lyon on Saturday, and three days later they will host the Dutch in Frankfurt as the main test of the European Championship. It will be interesting to see what Julian Nagelsmann comes up with until the continental competition, it is possible that the players who run big in Stuttgart will be the saviors of the coach and the team, but let’s not rush too far ahead.On Saturday evening, Les Bleus are the slight favourites, but we are expected to have an even 90 minutes again, in the last five matches between the sides, the difference in the final result was never greater than one goal.The Parc Olympique Lyonnais crowd has reason to hope that their favorites will continue their four-game unbeaten streak. The most recent of these was a 2-2 draw against the Greeks, which was a bit of a setback for the qualifying series, but the balance was still fabulous. 7-1-0 was accompanied by a goal ratio of 29-3, it is no coincidence that we are talking about one of the favorites of the upcoming tournament. Let’s say Deschamps’ crew got burned in the last meeting against the Germans, but the friendly match played in Dortmund hardly puts much pressure on the lats.Seeing Nationalelf’s results in the last year, one can rightly rub one’s eyes, since the decline seen under Löw and then Flick did not stop even under Nagelsmann’s leadership. It is not certain that it is good for the team that he did not have to eliminate him as a director, so he last played a stakes match at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Since then, only 11/3 victories have been achieved, and in November, the Turks and then the Austrians crushed the team that had been searching for a thread for years.

The call-up of Stuttgart’s brilliant four can give renewed strength to the set, Chris Führich, Deniz Undav, Maximilian Mittelstädt and Waldemar Anton are ready for action on Saturday night, although it is believed that none of them will get a place in the starting line-up. In addition to Sané, who was foul-mouthed in Vienna and thus banned, Neuer, Klostermann and Pavlovic are among those missing. For the guests, Coman, Nkunku and Griezmann will not be able to play, and the latter’s streak of 84 matches, which is a world record, will be broken.

What is worth betting on?

The rivalry between the two teams dates back to 1931, since then they have met 33 times, and the balance is tipped in favor of the French, who have won 15 times, while their opponents on Saturday enjoyed 11 successes. Based on the forms, Les Bleus can clearly be the runner-up, having won 10/8 of the last matches, and six times without conceding a goal.

In autumn, the Germans won their duel, but the French won three in a row at home against Nationalelf. All in all, it would be surprising if the Nagelsmann team were to play against one of the Euro gold hopefuls, although the visiting team could be good for a counterattack, and we send our tip secured.

Pick: France or draw + Both teams to score @2.03
Double your money with this Saturday pick

Shocking, but they could easily knock out

Double your money with this Saturday pick

Anything can happen in the playoffs! –