Class difference that needs to come out?

There was a strange movement in the odds for this match, but we believe that the stronger team will be able to enforce the paperwork.

In the Spanish Cup on Sunday, third division side Castellón will take on top of the table Osasuna. The bookmakers had originally set their odds at between 1.75 and 1.85 for Osasuna to win, but bettors have completely rewritten the odds and there have been moments when Osasuna’s win has paid as much as 2.50.

What is behind the rise in odds?

Well, Castellón are in the third division, but they are very successful there, currently leading the table. If they continue to perform well, they could be in La Liga 2 next season, so many bettors are now looking at Castellón as a second division side. It should also be pointed out that Castellón have a great home record, as they have won all (!) of their matches this season. These factors might have motivated bettors to see the value in the odds of the home team’s success.

Osasuna played in the cup final last year, so this series is very dear to them. The Pamplona outfit will not take this meeting lightly either, as they have all the key players in their 22-man squad.

We can be sure that this will be a tough 90 minutes where Castellón will not give away a win cheaply, but Osasuna come with a much stronger roster and they will have to make up for that difference in quality on the pitch.

✅Tip1#: Asian Handicap – Osasuna -0.25@1.87

Class difference that needs to come out?

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Class difference that needs to come out?

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