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Special chain bets on 22bet – how do they work?

What is chain bet on 22bet?

22bet is one of the best bookmakers where you can make a chain bet. This type of bet minimizes your losses, but at the same time offers you the possibility of practically combined bets. Chain bets are best recommended for larger parlay tickets. With a chain bet, your winnings may be less than with a normal bet, but so is the amount of money you can lose.

However, it is important to determine the order of chain bets. There is no time limit, a match starting later can be the first element of the ticket.

How does chain bet work on 22bet?

  • Make a bet on any number from the 22bet’s market.
  • The bets can be either live bets or pre-match bets.
  • All bets on chain bet are placed on the allocated bankroll, which cannot be more than the amount of the first bet.
  • If the first bet loses or the allocated bankroll drops to 0, the chain ends.

Examples of chain bets on 22bet

If all your bets in the chain win, in this example your net profit will be 4500 NGN, but you only risked 1000.

In this example, the second bet loses. The losing bet will cause the bankroll to fall below the original bet, making it the total bet of the third bet. When the bankroll reaches the initial bet again, it will be 2000 NGN again.

Using chain betting on 22bet

With chain bet you can create any kind of bet from the 22bet’s market. We strongly recommend 22bet for this type of bet because of the extremely wide range of bets available. Once the combination has finished, you can easily select the chain bet from the bet types.

Don’t forget! There is no time limit, but there is a logical connection. If the first element of the chain loses, the whole combination loses. It is therefore worth putting the safer bets first when making a chain bet.

Using chain bet on a 22bet mobile app/apk

Like the other 22bet features, it also works from a mobile phone or mobile app. After selecting the bets, then you need to select the chain bet in the bet types. Its use is extremely simple and easy for Nigerian sports bettors.

You can read more about using the 22bet mobile app here.

How to open a 22bet account for chain betting?

Open the secure link below on your smartphone and register for your 100% bonus. Once registered, download the 22bet mobile app to your smartphone. Login to the 22bet app and after making a deposit you can start betting with up to 100% bonus.

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