We don’t expect any surprises in the Bayern-Real Madrid tie

The last time the Munich team got past the Los Blancos was in 2012, and based on the odds, the series will not end now. Manchester City-Arsenal will be replaced by Bayern Munich-Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the 2023/24 Champions League. The two giants reached the semi-finals as underdogs despite the fact that they […]

The race is close for the Champions League golden boot

There are only five matches left in the Champions League, where, according to the bookies, no surprises are expected in the top scorer race. You don’t have to sleep much until the most exciting stage of the Champions League 2023/24 season, because in a few days the semi-finals will be on the table. After one […]

Barcelona and Atlético will play the UCL semifinal?

Both Spanish giants can look forward to the rematch with a one-goal lead, the bookmakers have priced them in nicely. Fortunately, after Tuesday’s goal-filled Champions League quarter-finals, we were not bored on Wednesday either, as the two games brought another eight goals. This means that the net bounced 18 times (!) in the four meetings, […]

Strong accumulator bet for this week’s Champions League

All four quarter-final duels have a place on this accumulator that pays a little more than double money. On Tuesday evening at 9 p.m., one of the world’s best-known tunes, the UCL anthem, will be played again and now only eight teams can compete for the coveted trophy. For the first time, Arsenal-Bayern Munich and […]

Free pick for the Leverkusen-Düsseldorf semi final

It probably didn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, that Leverkusen is favorite, but maybe you shouldn’t write down Fortuna like that. There is only one place left for rent in the Berlin final of the German Cup 2023/24 season. Bayer Leverkusen is applying for this with excellent chances, which is well illustrated by […]

Reasonable pick for the Saarbrücken-Kaiserslautern cup clash

Not one, not two, but three Bundesliga giants were eliminated by Saarbrücken, who host Lautern in the semi-finals. It’s sick, but in this year’s edition of the German Cup, there is a bigger story than Leverkusen, which is undefeated in 39 games. Let’s say Xabi Alonso’s team, according to the bookies, could practically lift the […]

Double your money with this Wales-Poland pick

Poland can qualify for the European Championship for the fifth time in a row if they beat Wales, who have been excellent lately. The Poles have a difficult task ahead of them, as they have to redeem their Euro ticket in Cardiff, and the host is in inspired form waiting for the starting whistle. Team […]

Double your money with this Saturday pick

In Lyon, the two European giants will be straining against each other, and we prefer to pull towards the course selector. The German national team, which has been unable to perform consistently for years, will play in Lyon on Saturday, and three days later they will host the Dutch in Frankfurt as the main test […]

Great pick for the Spain-Columbia friendly

La Roja, which is on a big march, can also be one of the secret favorites of the Euro, we expect a worthy game from them on Friday. The promising Spain-Colombia match will be held on a neutral ground, in the stadium of West Ham United. The match starts late on Friday night, and based […]

Free pick for the Dortmund-PSV UCL decider

Anything can happen in the rematch of one of the most balanced duels, but we think the paper form will come in the end. On Tuesday, after Barcelona and minor drama, Arsenal secured their place among the top eight teams of the Champions League, so there are only two places left for rent. On paper, […]

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