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Brazil in big trouble – here are the odds in the quarter-finals

A bombshell surprise and parting favourites – the Copa América continues from here, but apparently without Vinícius.

The Copa América will resume at dawn on Friday, with Argentina and Ecuador first up against each other in Houston, with a special preview of the game. Top favourites Albiceleste have a flawless record so far, as has another big favourite, Uruguay. The bombshell so far is Venezuela, who will also face Canada in the last eight, leaving the Rondones to dream big. But let’s see what’s in store for the next few days and what odds 20bet is offering.

To no small surprise, the North and Central American big three will be represented by Canada, as the United States found it easy to beat Panama, while Mexico failed to beat Ecuador to progress. This must be a disappointment for the hosts, as they should have progressed from this group. The next matches will be Argentina-Ecuador, Venezuela-Canada, Colombia-Panama and Uruguay-Brazil, two of which are top favourites and two of which look unpredictable.

For the time being, Brazil seems to be the big loser of the tournament, as it is not wise to qualify in second place. The Selecao will therefore play Uruguay in the quarter-finals, and certainly as the odds show, there is no favouritism against the 9-time champions Celeste at the moment.

Vinícius Junior is out for the quarter-finals due to suspension, so it is possible that the Copa could be over for him.

Argentina and Colombia are on paper a lock to reach the semi-finals, while surprise team Venezuela are slightly better favourites than the Maple Leafs.

As for the long-term markets, we will have more on this in a future article, but unsurprisingly only the top tier seems clear at the moment.

Brazil in big trouble – here are the odds in the quarter-finals

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