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These are the best special Hungarian football tipsters

We show the strongest tipsters up to the third division. Here are the ones you can win the most with!

Over the past few years, experienced bettors have become accustomed to seeing the world’s biggest bookmakers adding more and more Hungarian championships to their offerings. The odds of a first- or second-division match are of course nothing new, but more and more third-division, i.e. NB III matches are also included.

And that’s all you need for the truly expert bettor, as Logibet’s tipsters bring you the best picks from the Hungarian leagues every week. We’d like to highlight three of the top three tipsters to make the most money betting on Hungarian football.

Logbet’s top Hungarian football tipsters

TipsterNr. of tipsProfitROI
*: Profit means that if you, for example, played all your Griezmann bets at EUR 20 per unit, you now have EUR 3,740 profit from his bets alone.

Griezmann, ZeBerDee10 and kecsege55x have been proving their skills for years, they clearly understand Hungarian football and any of their indicators will confirm that. Griezmann is also involved in the youth game as well as the pre-season games, so the Hungarian market is much wider than him. ZeBerDee10 is the classic Hungarian football expert who delivers most of his picks from the Hungarian leagues. He doesn’t send many picks into the game, but he has an excellent track record, which is also due to his first-hand knowledge of NB III. Kecsege55x, whose main area of expertise is Hungarian volleyball, also delivers strong picks, but more from the first or second division.

In addition to the three mentioned tipsters, there are of course others with a selection of Hungarian picks, but the others have a smaller slice of Hungarian matches in their portfolio.

How can I get the best Hungarian tips?

With the purchase of any package on Logibet, you become eligible to subscribe and view the tips from the tipsters.

Subscribe to our recommended tipsters and enjoy the most valuable tips from the depths of Hungarian football brought to you every week. We’re not selling a pig in a poke, there will be some losing picks, but these tipsters have proven over many years that they have the contacts and professional background to bring you the most valuable picks.

You can also receive tips from tipsters via push messaging or by email by clicking the subscribe button.

If you have any other questions, Logibet’s English-speaking support team will be happy to help!

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These are the best special Hungarian football tipsters

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