The best poker players you never heard about

When we think about poker players, most people can list many stars of the game, like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or Phil Hellmuth. While all of these players have been true legends of the game, there are a few players, who are considered much more feared by the top pros.

In poker, usually the tournament champions receive the spotlight, but this doesn’t mean that cash game players make less, or are worse than those who prefer famous tournaments.

These players decided to keep a low profile, and only fellow high-stakes guys and the most dedicated fans know them. They are mostly cash game players, usually playing at online casinos, instead of live.

Ben Tollerene

While Ben attends some of the high-roller tournaments as well, he mainly focuses on online cash games, where he is one of the biggest winners of all times, accumulating $12 million+ during his career. He’s considered a true all-around player, who is excellent in all of the variants of the game. His online monikers ‘Ben86’ and ‘Bttech86’ made a profit of about $11.3 million on PokerStars and FullTiltPoker alone, and only he knows how much he won on other sites.

His live-tournament winnings stand at $8.5 million, which – considering the low number of events he played – truly show, why he’s one of the most respected players in the world.

Ben Sulsky

Similarly to Tollerene, Sulsky is also a true all-around player, who prefers the online nosebleed cash games instead of the live venue. Playing under the username ‘Sauce123’, Ben made $5.5 million in PokerStars cash games only.

He’s rarely seen playing live, but even when he does, he prefers places like the Bobby’s Room where the biggest cash games run to the high-roller tournaments. Despite this, Ben stands with $1.7 million in total live tournament earnings.

Colin Connors

Colin is definitely the most mysterious high-stakes players online poker has ever seen. Many will shake his online moniker, however, considering Connors was crushing the biggest PLO games online for many years, before retiring from poker (and revealing his identity). Colin Connors is PLO killer, known as ‘cumicon’ online, where he accumulated $7.2 million primarily focusing on the PLO cash games at PokerStars.

Before completely retiring from poker, Colin did an interview with Joe Ingram, where the two discussed the reasons behind the decision besides other topics.

Conor Collins does not have recorded live tournament scores.


A well-known name for ‘cumicon’ for sure, considering the mysterious Swede, ‘BERRI SWEET’ also specializes in online PLO cash games. BERRI has been another top winner on the highest stakes online, but unlike Connors, he’s still out there battling the competition for the better. 

While it’s tough to estimate, how much he’s up playing PLO online, ‘BERRI SWEET’s’ winnings on PokerStars alone, exceed $3,000,000.

In poker, people like the rankings, to be able to look at someone as the best player in the world. Well, poker is not the game which allows us to clearly measure someone’s skill level, these four are all amongst the very best players, and most of the famous pros avoid playing with them.

The best poker players you never heard about

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The best poker players you never heard about

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