The Belarus master is a real treasure at this time!

Logibet: Tipsters from more and more countries are trying their skills at Logibet, we already have Dutch, Turkish and Belgian members amongst the best tipsters. Where are you from?

Abetting To Bet: I am pleased to join the ranks of the best tipsters. I’m from Belarus.

You have picks in several sports, but you make the biggest money on volleyball. Do you have great sources or is volleyball a true love for you?

I started my prediction experience with a large number of sports at the same time, with the goal of determining which of my betting experiences lends itself better to prediction. At the initial stage, the favorites were baseball, volleyball and basketball. Baseball had the best results, so that’s how I started my journey on Logibet. But unfortunately the season ended a couple of months later. I wanted to switch to volleyball and basketball, but laziness and lack of verification on the site stopped my choice on basketball. The long distance showed that basketball is at a near-zero profit. All this time, I continued to keep track of the statistics on volleyball, at the moment it is on almost three thousand predictions and has a ROI of 16%. This all prompted me to stop exclusively on volleyball, overcome my laziness and manually enter my volleyball predictions.

How does coronavirus affect you as a sports bettor/tipster and as a human being?

Coronavirus affects me as a sport tipster positively, because fewer events – better and more detailed analysis of the match can be done, although the limits and level of events are small. As for a person – so far it is neutral, there are still few cases in my country at the moment.

What can we expect from you in the upcoming weeks? And what about the long-term?

Most events are postponed until April 5, until then, most likely, if the situation does not change, there will be 1-2 predictions per day. In the long term, I plan to strengthen my position in the rating, improve the quality of predictions and completely switch to the Pinnacle line.

Between March 13 and April 19 the subscriptons prices are only 9.99 EUR on Logibet.com!

As we can see, you use flat-stakes. What kind of bankroll management do you suggest for the subscribers?

I recommend using 1% flat. This is the safest one I’ve tried. I will try to explain by example why not 5% or 10%. Let’s say a weekend, a lot of interesting events where you see value or you follow one or two tipsters, you bet on them, but get one-two-ten losses to a row, all have ever had an unsuccessful series of bets. Just think of 5%х10 bets or 10%х10 bets – this is equivalent to losing half or all of the bankroll. There is no guarantee that you will be able to win back your lost money, some people in the hope of winning back increase the average bet to 20% or 30% and lose all the money in the end. With a 1% flat, losses are not so critical.

What long-term results would satisfy you at Logibet? Is there a certain ROI you want to reach maybe?

I have always believed and continue to believe that a great tipster should have a double-digit ROI on Pinnacle lines after 1000 tips, in this case I know that I can not worry about my money and earn steadily, but there are very few of them, among several thousand tipsters on various tipster’s sites, I have met only two or three tipsters. My goal is similar – I want to have a two-digit ROI, 10-15% and aim for it.

Do you have anything to say to your current and future subscribers?  

Do not get too involved in betting, do not give it a lot of time. It is better to spend this time with family or friends. Sports events will be constant and you will not remember them. And moments with people close to you will be stored in your memory forever.

Abetting To Bet’s volleyball stats: 261 picks, +352 units, +20,4% ROI !

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The Belarus master is a real treasure at this time!

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The Belarus master is a real treasure at this time!

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