Incredible offer: you can subscribe to Logibet for 3 euros!

It’s finally here: the 2022/23 football season is running for good, as the action is on in all top leagues from Europe. And to celebrate this, we came up with an offer that has never, ever existed in the history of Logibet.
Even though Logibet could not be blamed for charging a high price for the subscription, our current discount resulted in a truly extreme price reduction.

In the 90% sale, you can buy a monthly subscription for a ridiculously low 3 euros, but the price of the PRO package is also only 5.5 euros.

We will certainly never have a bigger sale than this, so if you have been thinking about trying Logibet, now you can do it almost for free.

What do you get from Logibet for that much money?


Subscribers of the NORMAL package have access to all the tips of all Logibet tipsters (except for the SMA tipsters), i.e. they can subscribe to any number of tipsters, and they can receive notifications about the tips in the form of e-mail and push. In addition, they become entitled to view closed Discord groups, such as the live tips section and the really popular horse racing room.
In addition to the above, subscribers to the PRO package also receive SuperTipster tips, i.e. those high-value tips selected by an algorithm, which according to ST are the most valuable ideas of the best tipsters. We usually recommend this subscription to those who don’t really want to compile their own portfolio or browse among the best tipsters, they just want to receive a selected package.


Subscription details


  • The offer is only for those who do not currently have an ACTIVE subscription (either paid or free) to Logibet.
  • The 90% discount applies to the 1-month NORMAL and 1-month PRO packages, which cost €3 and €5.5 in the first month.

  • If the subscription is not canceled on the website of Logibet or the service provider (Paypal/Skrill), it will be renewed at full price in the second month. We cannot refund the price of the renewed subscription.

  • Renewal of the subscription can be canceled at any time, and the 30-day access will of course remain.

  • Subscribers of the discount PRO package are not entitled to the profit guarantee.

  • In the offer, 1 package can be purchased per user.

  • The 90% promotion starts at 8:00 am on August 31 and lasts until 8:00 pm (CET) on September 07.
  • The discount is only available through this link.


Incredible offer: you can subscribe to Logibet for 3 euros!

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Incredible offer: you can subscribe to Logibet for 3 euros!

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