We attack with a strong double on Sunday night

In the 14th round of the NFL regular season, we’ll benefit from the Cowboys-Eagles and 49ers-Seahawks game.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

We are dealing with a real overreaction border. The 49ers beat the reigning NFC champs last week, and this Sunday night they visit the Hurts in a thriller. However, despite the surprisingly resounding defeat, we are not as worried about them as the bookmakers are, and the strength of their opponents so far is the main reason for that. For example, look at the record against real championship contenders: Eagles 3-1 (Dolphins, Cowboys, Chiefs vs. 49ers, and that’s not even counting the Bills), Cowboys 0-2 (Eagles, 49ers). Both teams have one unexpected road loss (Jets and Cardinals, respectively). Other than that, the scores are a must-win for both sides.

In the remaining games, the Eagles will be an 8-9 point favorite on average, while the Cowboys will be on the road to the two strongest teams in the AFC East. So all in all, by the time the draw evens out at the end of the season, the Cowboys will be about 2 wins behind the Eagles. In light of that, we don’t understand the line that suggests the Cowboys are the better team. Sure, Prescott is in MVP form, Micah Parsons is one of the top defenders in the league, and Deron Bland has summoned the spirit of Deion Sanders, but we can take all of that seriously if they can clear at least two of the next three hurdles. And until they ban the “Brotherly Shove” maneuver, the Eagles can start every offense with 1st&9…

San Francisco 49ers – Seattle Seahawks

The Niners were 18 points ahead in the opening round, and now Kyle Shanahan’s side will host their western rivals at home. And they’re coming off a great win, as they left Philadelphia last week with a 42-19 (!) victory. It was a perfect game from San Francisco, especially on offense. Purdy passed for 314 yards and 4 TDs, while not giving it away once, and Christian McCaffrey rushed for 140 yards. The big question is what the visitors can come up with, as this 49ers offense is incredibly versatile and they haven’t found a way to counter it in Seattle.

After two away wins, Purdy’s can serve their fans at home, and while it’s always risky to bet on a rematch after a huge win, the Niners are simply the better team and we don’t feel the visitors have the potential to surprise. We expect another confident SF win.

✅ Prediction #1: Eagles +7 + 49ers -6.5 @ 2.12

Betting Deadline: 10 December 22:05

We attack with a strong double on Sunday night

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We attack with a strong double on Sunday night

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