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These are the most likely results in Bayer-Bayern

Claimants Leverkusen can take a huge step towards league gold if they crush Munich, but what do the bookies say?

There will be a couple of great matches on Saturday, but perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that the Bayer Leverkusen-Bayern Munich derby stands out among them all. Opta‘s supercomputer concluded that the guests are the slight favorites (39.7%) in the top German match, but the home team is not too far behind with its 33.3% chance of victory. The bookies (also) favor the away team to this extent, but there is only a small difference between the odds, so we are basically talking about a three-chance match.

Let’s not forget that Leverkusen did not find a defeater in 30 matches in a row this season, and the tie between the two sides ended with a 2-2 result back in autumn!

Since then, Alonso’s team has been dogged by defending champion Bayern, who are only two points behind, so if the away team wins, the Munich team would jump to the top. This would require a Kane in good shape, who has 24 goals and hasn’t really messed up much on the pitch in recent weeks.

The pressure may be greater on Leverkusen, as the pharmaceutical company’s team has never won the Bundesliga. Bayer, often derided as the eternal runner-up, won five silver medals in the German top flight, but it is possible that the breakthrough year has finally arrived.

What are the expected exact results?

Looking at the pairing, we can immediately conclude that we expect many goals and there is something to base this on. Wirtz and his teammates have scored 90 goals in 30 matches (an average of 3), while Bayern’s last 24/21 Bundesliga meetings have resulted in overs.

Compared to this, 1-1 is the most realistic scenario at parties, for which they pay @7.50 times money. In second place is the 2-1 Bayern success (@9.50), but it clearly shows that the bookies don’t make it very far either, that only these two results received odds below @10. If there was a repeat of the shootout in Munich, in which Palacios’ last-minute penalty set the final score at 2-2, we could book a return of @11 times.

✅ Bayer Leverkusen-Bayern Munich – results

@1-1 @7.50

@1-2 @9.50

@2-1 @10.00

@2-2 @11.00

@0-1 @12.50

Deadline: February 10, 6:30 p.m

These are the most likely results in Bayer-Bayern

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These are the most likely results in Bayer-Bayern

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