Many cards expected in Madrid derby?

Should be the toughest match of the round in Madrid.

The two Madrid sides will be in a far above-expectations position, 8th and 11th respectively, for Tuesday’s late afternoon clash between Getafe and Rayo Vallecano, starting at 5pm. The bookmakers have set the highest flat line for this match, meaning it could be the toughest 90 minutes of Round 19. Let’s see if it will be!

At the certain bookmakers, you get @2.00 odds on the 6.5 line if you take the under version, which looks pretty good. That’s no coincidence of course, Getafe are averaging the most yellow cards this season, Rayo the third most, as are the home side’s six red cards. However, it seems that hard football is paying dividends as Patricio Moreno’s side are now laying siege to the top flight after a more difficult season last year. Form has been excellent, with Getafe ending December with 7 points against the Valencia-Sevilla-Atlético trio.

Rayo, on the other hand, have been pretty frozen out for the winter, winless since 22 October and without a goal in five games in La Liga.

So basically, everything would be set for the many card-rich match that Jorge Figueroa Vázquez will lead, but we dare not bring the over here. Although the sportsman is not one of the under-achievers, if we only look at the yellows, he has only given at least 7 yellow cards in 2 of his last 23 games.

Although in the past years the 7 yellow cards have almost always been the result of the two teams’ clashes, we don’t feel that the day after New Year’s Eve, in a game with exceptionally low stakes, the teams will go wild.

Many cards expected in Madrid derby?

In addition to Juve vs Roma, we

Many cards expected in Madrid derby?

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