Check the best special pick for Juventus-Frosinone cup game

With Inter and Milan eliminated, Juventus are the favourites for the cup. And a quarter-final spot on this road could be no problem.

Fiorentina-Atalanta and Lazio-Juventus are the Italian Cup semi-finals on paper in April. For this to happen, the Old Lady will have to pull off the must-win result. But as the odds suggest, this should be no problem. Let’s see what the visitors can do!

It’s not the fact that Frosinone have never beaten Juventus in any series. But rather what happened in Naples. Although it’s fair to say that winning at the Maradona is a lot different to winning in the Juventus arena at the moment. If the newcomer was capable of a miracle a few weeks ago, something could still happen now.

All in all, it has not been a bad season for Eusebio Di Francesco’s side. Who have had better days and are a very talented coach, as the 19 points they have picked up look good even if the Blues have only managed 1 point in their last six league games. There is also talent in the team from the town near Roma. With rumours suggesting that Matias Soule or Enzo Barrenechea are unlikely to stay at the club for long.

As for the home side, the march is unbroken, and with Inter and Milan out of the competition, two serious rivals have gone – a winnable four for Allegri. Kean, De Sciglio and Rabiot are injured and Vlahovic is likely to be rested. So Yildiz could start alongside Milik, but Perin, Gatti and Weah could also be on the pitch from the first minute.

The best free pick for Juventus-Frosinone

It’s not an easy match from a betting point of view. And we’d be reluctant to go for the usual straightforward Juve win, as there’s no question of Frosinone’s upset being unjustifiable. Ibrahimovic’s side have only two defeats all season where they have not scored. After the four in Naples we don’t think the visitors will come away with a 0-0 draw. In our opinion, Juve will not progress with 1 goal scored in 90 minutes. So we’ve looked at a unique asian goalscoring free pick for the Turin game.

Check the best special pick for Juventus-Frosinone cup game

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Check the best special pick for Juventus-Frosinone cup game

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