Can Újpest finally win a game?

A coaching change could be the end of the line if Újpest fail to win their seventh league game in a row.

After the MOL Vidi-Paks match, which can be called the round’s rivalry game, Kisvárda will take the main stage, where the Szabolcs team will host Újpest, who are unbeaten in six games. The 3 points are vital as the home side would be clinging on to the line, while Nebojsa Vignjevic’s job is at stake for the visitors. The odds are evenly matched, but we have picked a favourite.

Despite the 4 points gained, the situation remains unchanged in the East, Kisvárda don’t look very good. Neither against MTK, nor Debrecen, nor Diósgyőr could the team of Tamás Feczkó dominate, but this is a good opportunity to close the gap, as the favourites against Újpest and the two chased teams are facing “unwinnable” matches, as Zete will be the guests of Fradi and Kövesd will be the guests of Puskás Akadémia.

Feczkó strongly emphasized the refereeing as a negative factor after the game in the East, but we don’t share his opinion, of course, Varda has a tough job anyway due to the many absentees. However, what can give reason for optimism for the red and whites is the home series against Újpest, as Varda have beaten the purple and whites twice in 2023 alone, and have only scored 2 points in 5 league games at Várkertti Stadion since 2018.

Just as the home side’s season is not looking good, Újpest also have reason to be worried, which is well indicated by the fact that the tickets for those travelling to Varda are paid for by the club, so it is certain that the away section will be full this time too – of course, you can hardly ever blame the thousand-headed for the poor form of Csoboth’s. Even though Vignjevic was rather pleased after the Zalaegerszeg remi, despite the late point loss, if Újpest would end the year with a defeat and winter in 9th place, it is not sure that the Serbian coach would stay.

Újpest didn’t really earn our trust, but we consider the team from the capital to be better than Kisvárda. The faintly improving trend also tells us to bet on the purple-and-whites to win, with the “return bet in case of a draw” option, for which the locan Hungarian bookmaker gives us the highest odds on the market. We are also undereager, neither side is in the mood to play some really daring, spectacular football, which will result in a 3-3 draw.

✅ Prediction #1: Újpest DNB @ 2.10

✅ Prediction #2: 2.75 goals under @ 1.75

Bet deadline: 16 December 15:00

Can Újpest finally win a game?

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