Bayer or Bayern? Must see odds in the article!

The world turned around, and Kusen’s outright odds fell by 40 percent after the first spring round.

In the West, the situation has not changed…Especially if we are talking about the German Bundesliga, in which Bayern Munich has been able to lift the trophy every time for the last 11 years. This kind of dominance is unprecedented in the history of the top leagues, but it is possible that the big streak will finally end in 2023/24. Of course, we shouldn’t draw far-reaching conclusions yet, but the balance of power was nicely outlined by the middle of the season, and the main challenger this time was not Borussia Dortmund, but the eternal second Bayer Leverkusen.

Xabi Alonso is doing an amazing job at Bayer, this was already visible in his first season, but the Spanish tactician’s team has really matured in the current season.

His team has collected 48 points during the 18 matches so far, which only Bayern managed by Pep Guardiola could collect more on this point – 50 points in 2013/14 and 49 in 2015/16.

One of Kusen’s specialties is scoring goals from set pieces, of which he has already scored 12, which is already one more than in the whole of last season. This was also the reason why Leipzig went from 2-1 to 2-3 at home, but the xG (1.05-2.81) shows that it was not just luck, even though the last-minute goal was the second time after Augsburg too.

The move against Werder Bremen, the record champion Bayern, did not work out nearly as well, which could not beat the team from Munich in any of the last 28 championships. The 1-0 success in Bremen was a parade from several points of view, it is enough to take into account that the last time the Bavarians went without a goal in the Allianz in the Bundesliga was almost four years ago.

Well, let’s get to the point, the outright market, which we last covered about a month ago, when we could still bet on Leverkusen at 3x odds. Bayer’s odds have been falling continuously since the start of the season, while that of the defending champion is constantly increasing, let’s say the former is much more spectacular. In any case, before the 19th round, the numbers almost reached each other, as you can see below, because the difference between the sides is already seven points. Let’s say if Bayern beats Union in the postponed match, then only four units, but

it shows the strength of Alonso’s crew that after 18 rounds only five teams have been undefeated in the history of the league.

Based on the numbers, the Leipzig-Dortmund duo is still expected to be in the top 4 and reach the Champions League, but it seems almost impossible that one of these two teams will be at the top of the podium at the end of the season.

Bundesliga 2023/24 – Who will win?

Bayern Munich @1.81

Bayer Leverkusen @1.88

RB Leipzig @125.00

Borussia Dortmund @125.00

VfB Stuttgart @175.00

Bayer or Bayern? Must see odds in the article!

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Bayer or Bayern? Must see odds in the article!

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