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Blogabet Tipster Site review

Rating 8.0

Blogabet is the largest social network for sports betting. Founded in 2006, they now have over 8000 active tipsters on their site. 

This tipster service has more social features than the others: you can comment on or like a tip someone submitted and you can message other tipsters directly. 

The site also has other features: in-depth reviews of bookmakers so you can get all the info to find the one that suits you best - you can also rate the bookies and review them yourself. On top of that, under "betting guide" you'll find helpful articles about sports betting starting from the very basics.


  • pro: 100% reliable statistics ,
  • pro: Some of Bloagabet's top tipsters are free, even with a yield as good as 29% ,
  • pro: Profit Guarantee Policy: if a 30-day subscription does not produce a profit, it will receive one 30-day free extension ,
  • pro: Your tips will appear on the front page's Tips Feed immediately if you verify your cell phone number or make a purchase ,
  • pro: Tips for live markets ,


  • con: A tipster with a big following can drive down the odds ,

Best tipsters on Blogabet

Blogabet's User Interference

New tips pop up every minute in Blogabet's Tip Feed. These tips aren't filtered, however, you have to check the tipster that gave it: click on their name, see their stats for yourself. You can follow the ones you find trustworthy and then their picks will appear separately in the "My Tipsters" feed.

The unfiltered Tip Feed lets your tips be seen on the front page if you verify your cell phone number or make a purchase. This exposure makes it easier to start your own tipster career.

If you wish to sort through the Blogabet tipsters you can do it by clicking on the "Tipsters" button on the side menu bar. Here, you can apply many filters: language, pick type, sport - whatever you're looking for specifically. If you wish to browse through their top paid tipsters select "market".

Stats Reliability

Blogabet does not allow their tipsters to submit odds manually, nor can the tipsters change their picks afterwards or even reset their statistics. This way all Blogabet users can be sure that the data they're accessing reflects the ability of the tipster and thus can make a fully informed decision whether or not to subscribe to them. This is one of Blogabet's greatest strengths.

Blogabet's Promotions

Blogabet offers three different cashback programs - one for Skrill users, one for Neteller users and one for Asianconnect users. The former two gives you a €10 sign-up bonus, plus you get 0.3% back on every purchase if you register either to Skrill or Neteller through a Blogabet link. Asianconnect is betting brokerage website that lets you bet with Asian bookmakers. If you register on their site through Blogabet you get a 0.1% - 0.5% cash back bonus, depending on which bookie you use.

Also, thanks to Blogabet's Profit Guarantee Policy, if you subscribe to a tipster and their tips fail to make a profit in the first month, you get a free 30-day extension on your subscription.

Payment Methods Available

  • WebMoney
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

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