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The 2023 Logibet tipster of the year is announced

Users voted for the best, and we show you what 2023 was like on Logibet.

Let’s start the year’s summary with SuperTipster, the tipster selected by Logibet’s algorithm, which had a great year. With 591 picks, the year has seen a profit of 372 units and a return of 9.56%. This means that for a USD 10 unit bet, a profit of USD 3720 could be made. 10 of the 12 months also ended in profit, two of them with a minus balance.

Now, let’s take a look at the tipster level annual review, with the numbers and profits per tipster. The tipsters we’re looking at are those who are currently at Senior or Masters level, and the order of our table is given by the Logibet ranking.

It is definitely positive that every single tipster finished the year with a plus, which of course was the minimum expectation for the best. Six of them finished with an ROI above 10%, and to sum up, it was a great year for several tipsters. Of course, varin again gave up most of the tips, while kecsege55x, knorbika and ZeBerDee10 operated with few tips, but all three ended the year with outstanding returns in return.

It was a great year for MoneyMaker, who put up outstanding numbers by focusing on one of the toughest markets, ATP and Grand Slam tournaments, alongside darts.

In the public vote, the tipster of the year was buszkec. The handball guru owes much of his victory to his picks on Discord, where the 743 picks he placed generated a profit of 318 units, an ROI of 8.59%. And if we calculate with a unit bet of 10 USD, the subscribers could achieve a profit of nearly 3200 USD with buszkec. The best tipster of the year said the following after his election:

„First of all, thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. This is a very good feedback that you are satisfied with my work. 9 out of 12 months were plus, 9 of those were not, and one of those was over -10, so I’m pretty much satisfied with the year. My goal for next year is to have more than 9 months in profit. I wish you all a prosperous and happy New Year!“

The final results of the Tipster of the Year poll:

  1. buszkec
  2. MoneyMaker and British horse racing tips

In addition to buszkec, the podium was also shared by MoneyMaker and the British horse racing tipster, the latter of whom we have not mentioned so far. Horse racing tips are available on Discord, and last year’s winnings reached nearly 400 units with 1410 tips.

The voting was very close, with 13 tipsters receiving votes, and the list of favourites was very varied.

We look forward to a strong 2024 from tipsters, sign up to the best tipsters and earn money with your hobby.

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