Логибетов професионални рукометни типстер у сензационалној форми

A few months ago, we recommended Logibet’s professional handball tipster, buszkec. The site’s top expert for professional tipsters has had another great period. If you want to win with a great tipster, buszkec is the one for you.

What do you need to know about buszkec?

  • On Logibet, he gives you pre-match tips, while on Discord, in his closed room, he gives you parlays and live tips.
  • In three months, on Logibet and Discord have made a profit of more than 60 units.
  • He works with excellent resources through his network of contacts.
  • He goes to a lot of matches and friendly games, so he can find the best picks everywhere.
  • He has been chosen as the 2023 Tipster of the Year on Logibet.
  • All the major bookmakers have his picks available.

How can you get tips from buszkec?

Topsters readers can get a special 10% discount by clicking on the link below. This will give you 1 month’s worth of buszkec’s best tips at a discounted price.

Don’t hesitate, the expert tipster is in great form, so if you go with him, you’re guaranteed to make a long-term profit.