Нови тренер дебитује У Риму и Милану који мора да победи – Бесплатни савети

A change of manager in Rome, a tough tie for Milan – tips for Saturday.

Roma-Hellas Verona

Rome finally ran out of patience earlier this week, with José Mourinho replaced by Daniele De Rossi. Although the thousand-headed man was very fond of the Portuguese manager, the news is that the vehement genius was no longer so popular with the players, so in that respect the change could be a good thing. What is interesting, however, is the person of DDR, who is a very cowardly and security solution, as he is the man who will certainly not be booed at Olimpico, but in return he has virtually no coaching experience.

Having spent nearly two decades in the capital as a player, he has 17 games and 4 months of experience at SPAL as a coach, only 3 of which have been wins. To sit down on the Roma bench after that is a very interesting decision by the management.

However, the first task seems manageable, as Hellas Verona visit the capital, a team that has only 5 points as guests, three of them in August.

The fans will surely give De Rossi the benefit of the doubt and perhaps Lukaku will be happy with the change, so they can get back to work with enthusiasm. Hellas kept the points at home in the autumn, but Roma won back and forth last season and we expect the points to stay with the Reds. And if DDR gets his players fired up enough, this could be a tough, physical 90 minutes.


It’s an interesting match for Milan, who, although they are out of the Italian Cup, if you look at the Serie A standings, have won 19 of the last 24 points available. It’s too early to pass judgement on the Rossoneri, of course, but it looks like the bronze medal is a certainty, as Stefano Pioli’s side are 7 points clear of 2nd place and 8 points clear of 4th, and this is where Milan’s strengths are realistically to be found.

Udine, on the other hand, will be a tough task for the city of industry, as the zebra-striped team has only two more defeats than Milan and has lost as many times as 4th placed Fiorentina. How a team can be one point away from the knockout stages with the 4th fewest defeats is to be found in the 12 draws, which is quite dizzying in 20 games. Some of them are very valuable, like last week at the Artemio Franchi (even though Udine led twice until the 87th minute) and some are more painful, like against say Verona or Sassuolo.

Milan’s odds of a double are no coincidence though, we can see a chance of Giroud’s side stumbling. With Maresca’s assist, there could be plenty of room for a close game here.

Нови тренер дебитује У Риму и Милану који мора да победи – Бесплатни савети

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