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Постоје ли посебне банкарске опкладе у Лиги шампиона?

The Champions League continues on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will have several articles on the four matches, full of good tips. But for now, let’s look at a more interesting topic: is it possible to find banker bets on a Champions League match?

What are banker bets?

More about banker bets in this article. They are always the safest, best bets, where you get a low profit for a low risk. Figuring out banker bets is an art in itself, but we’ve got more articles on Topsters to help you.

Finding banker bets is not easy. But the bigger the selection and the more betting options, the better your chances of beating the bookies. For this reason, we recommend the bookmakers with the largest selection to find the sure bets, which is 22bet.

22bet registration process

👉You can register for 22bet via this secure link.
👉Click on the ‘Register’ button
👉Choose the welcome bonus that suits you (if you click on „decline“ you can still decide to claim it later)
👉Fill in your personal details in the registration form
👉22bet promo codes do not earn extra money, so feel free to leave that section blank.

Are there banker bets on a Champions League match?

This is an extremely complex and difficult question. It’s not enough for a bet to have a high probability of winning, it also has to have value. Here’s an example! If Manchester City and Calabar Rovers of the Nigerian second division meet, the English team is almost certain to win. However, at 1.001 we wouldn’t bet on City, but at 1.20 we would. So, for example, although you can bet on Arsenal-Porto to win at home at @1.20, it may not be a banker bet.

However, it is also worth looking at the specialist markets. 22bet offers a huge range of bets, so there are plenty of good picks in the special betting options. The deservedly popular bookie has a huge selection to offer players, here are a few examples:

  • Number of fouls
  • Number of free throws
  • Special player statistics
  • Number of VAR checks
  • Number of medical checks

So the most important thing is to always be alert! Look for special markets, check out special betting opportunities and find the best banker bets on a Champions League match. And the best partner for this is 22bet!