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Temos uma aposta forte e uma aposta de @8.00 em Ucrânia x Islândia

The Ukrainians are top favourites in Poland, but Iceland has already pulled off a big surprise.

There will be practically three World Cup final matches on Wednesday night, when Wales vs Poland, Georgia vs Greece and Ukraine vs Iceland will see three teams qualify for the 2024 European Championship. With two three-legged matches, the bookmakers are predicting a smooth win for the Ukrainians, but let’s see what the Icelanders can do in Wroclaw.

The feeling of being underdogs!”, we can justifiably say, as Iceland’s qualification would be a huge feat. Much bigger than Gudmundsson’s four for Israel in Budapest, which was no mean feat.

The match at the Szusza Ferenc Stadium was otherwise evenly matched, but the Scandinavians made better use of their chances and were somewhat unexpectedly eliminated from the European Championship after 90 minutes. The hero was clearly Genoa’s 26-year-old striker Albert Gudmundsson, who scored a masterstroke.

The Icelandic success is a big one, because away from home, the Scandinavians have only beaten Liechtenstein in a competitive match since 2019.

It’s also notable that Iceland hasn’t beaten a team of anywhere near Ukraine’s calibre in Reykjavik since 2017, when Turkey was the defeated team. Wroclaw, on the other hand, may not only be a familiar ground for Ukrainians, but also a semi-home ground.

In addition, the Ukrainians made a huge save in Zenica, where the Bosnians led until the 85th minute, but Yaremchuk and Dovbyk turned the tide after 3 minutes. Although there is not a huge difference between the Bosnian and Icelandic teams, it was to be expected that Sergei Rebrov’s side would struggle against Dzeko.

“We fought very hard and when we needed to, we were able to change formations – I don’t think the Bosnians were prepared for that. We want to bring happiness into the lives of the Ukrainian people, especially in this terrible situation. Last night, Russia attacked Ukraine with more than 30 rockets, and we have a clear goal to show that we are here, we are alive”, said the former Ferencváros manager.

Iceland don’t play hard football, but we can expect a very peppery 90 minutes if the Ukrainians don’t settle the question of qualification early. All three qualifiers will feature elite scorers, with Clément Turpin in Wroclaw.

We expect the French skipper to be short-handed, but we’re going for the handicap rather than the under. Iceland finished the semi-final with 13 fouls and 0 cards, while Ukraine had 20 fouls and 4 yellows. And our main tip would only lose if the islanders get at least two more cautions.

We’ll also add a spice to this with Lunin’s goalkeeper card, who also received a caution for time-wasting on Zenica, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea now with the hope of nearly @9.00 the money at 22bet.

Temos uma aposta forte e uma aposta de @8.00 em Ucrânia x Islândia

Temos uma ideia quase dupla para o

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