The SuperTipster is still on fire!

We launched the SuperTipster with a profit-guarantee, but it is not necessary anymore, because SuperTipster basically can’t lose!

Some of you might remember that we introduced our special artificial intelligence-driven project, the SuperTipster, back at the end of 2018. The key of the project was to create a tipster that automatically picks the best tips of our tipsters, and we created a separate subscription to it.

So what is SuperTipster in a nutshell?


SuperTipster evaluates every tip of our tipsters and selects the most valuable ones from it. It makes our subscribers' lives so much easier because they don’t have to go through loads of picks. After all, the algorithm does this part for them. It knows what are the specialties of each tipster, and can set the stake precisely as well. It’s statistics speak for themselves.

In early October it reached the one year with marvelous results, with a decent tip count it provided a quite high profit without any big swings.

  • Number of picks: 893
  • Profit: +404 units
  • ROI: 7.93%


How can I get the SuperTipsters picks and what else is included?


You can subscribe to the SuperTipster through Logibet’s PRO-package, which includes an automatic email notification system as well, so we can be sure that you won’t miss any of the tips. With the PRO-package you can also subscribe to any of our human tipsters, and you can access our Discord-channel too, if you fancy live betting, then you won’t be disappointed.


If you don’t want to miss the huge profits of the SuperTipster, subscribe to Logibet today, and join the camp of winners!


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