We present to you the new star of tennis!

We have waited for a long time before introducing Logibet’s star signing, but the wait is officially over. Let us happily introduce to you Ryan Fawcett, the Canadian tennis-guru, who’s first picks are already up at Logibet.

Naturally, we have submitted Ryan’s previous results to Logibet, so he has a valid tip-history. Here are the most important pieces of information.

The statistics of the tipster speak for themselves. The 20% ROI with this amount of picks is really fascinating, and he surely will become an instant hit, because he works with an 80% success rate. These numbers are impressive, but the rarest thing about him is that he made a profit in all of the previous 14 months, 12 times with a higher ROI than 5%!

So how can I get the tips from Ryan Fawcett?

Ryan is no exception at Logibet, you can access his picks with a normal/pro subscription. The fee of the sub is only 15 euro*, and with it, you can access not only Ryan’s but all of the other tipster's tips as well.

We will shortly post a detailed interview with our Canadian star signing, where he will let us know what we can expect from him in the future.

                                                                                               TRY RYAN FAWCETT NOW

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