Logibet has turned 5 - here is their gift for You!

When a child turns 5, he already can swim, skate or climb on a slide, and starts to get more interested in ball games. Our 5-years-old child's development is also constant, and although the first date is still far for it, it still makes us proud that we can celebrate the fifth birthday of Logibet this week. What would be a better way for this, then to give a little present to our beloved users?

Until the end of June every tipsters 5. pick will be free on Logibet, even from the master and senior ones!

If you are new to our site, then this is a great opportunity to try out some of the tips of our tipsters, and if you’re convinced about their talent, we would love to see you aboard in our subscribers camp.

How can I get the free tips?

You only need a completely free registration to Logibet, and you will find the free tips on the following site. It is well worth coming back regularly because there are plenty of picks to choose from day by day.

What should I do, if I want to win more?

If you want access to all of our tipster's tips then you need to subscribe, which is only 15 euro/month*. Keep in mind that we send you an email notification from the picks, so you definitely won't miss any of them!

* for 6 months subscription

What is Logibet.com?

Logibet is an up-and-coming tipster service, started in 2015. Their unique "Logibet Index" does not solely rely on the amount profit a tipster produced but takes into account stability and experience as well. You can look at these stats individually too. Stability is especially useful if you look for better short-term results.

If you create a tipster account and your Logibet Index reaches 750 you qualify for the "rookie" status and you can start charging other users for your picks. As your index grows you can sell your tips for a higher price. There are five levels: newbie (can't charge for tips), rookie, junior, senior and master.

To be able to see tips, first you have to buy a subscription in the Buy Subscription menu. With an active subscription, you can also follow selected tipsters, automatically receiving notification for all of his picks.

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Brand New Tipster Site

Their unique Logibet Index gives you all the info you need.

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