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Tenemos un consejo muy fuerte para la lucha por el descenso

A decided(?) match can be a tough match, so this card bet could easily turn green.

Surprisingly, Vfl Bochum are 3-0 down in the second leg of their Bundesliga tie, although it is a rare occurrence for a first division side to fail to overcome this hurdle. Düsseldorf’s excellent play has made them the clear favourites, as it would be hard to imagine them suffering a heavy defeat at home, but a friendly atmosphere is not expected due to the stakes.

Although the first match only resulted in 2 yellow cards, there were 27 fouls, which is not a small number. It was a minor surprise that Düsseldorf won the Bochum game without a warning, even though they have an average of well over 2 in the second division.

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The second game will be refereed by Deniz Aytekin, and the bookmakers would not be surprised by a 4-5 draw. With Aytekin, it is perhaps harder to imagine a really big handicap, although the Bochum side could run out of patience in the closing stages and some hard fouls could be called.

But we prefer to go for the home pages. We’re almost certain that Bochum will have the ball, and Düsseldorf will be waiting for counter-attacking opportunities. They have committed 14 fouls away from home, and with 90 minutes to keep the score level, they are likely to do more of the same.

Although the idea of a Düsseldorf +0.5 card could be tempting, we prefer to go for at least 2 cards for the home side. 22bet is paying @1.83 on this one and even with some tactical fouls or a bit of end-of-match maths, Aytekin could pull this one off.

We also give a yellow card to the Düsseldorf goalkeeper at @15.00. Time delay makes it seem like a pretty good idea to give Florian Kastenmaier a card.

Düsseldorf over 1.5 card @1.83código bônus 22bet
Florian Kastenmaier to be booked @15.00código bônus 22bet