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¿Apuestas a las cartas el martes? – los últimos 1/8 de final podrían ser partidos reñidos

Perhaps the toughest match of the tournament is on the cards in the last eight.

There are two matches left in the last eight, Romania vs Netherlands and Austria vs Turkey on Tuesday. Although the Dutch and the Austrians are under @2.00 favourites at the bookmakers, it should be a close game where tempers could flare. Now let’s check out the card and foul markets!

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The most unsportsmanlike and most sportsmanlike team of the tournament will also take to the pitch, as the Dutch have picked up 2 yellow cards in 3 games and the Turks 16 – a brutal total. It’s no coincidence that the bookmakers have given the Austro-Turks, coached by Soares Dias, a 5.5 odds, as the hosts have averaged 3.33 yellows per game so far.

Also in favour of the over is the fact that their friendly this year has produced 24 fouls and 5 yellow cards with an Italian referee, and we could be in for not only a closer but even more peppered 90 minutes. The Portuguese skipper is on 5 fouls in two games, but there is every prospect that he will raise his average considerably.

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Although Felix Zwayer has 9 yellows, he may have an easier time with the Romanian-Dutchman than his colleague. Apart from the fact that the Dutch only yellowed twice in 270 minutes, the Romanians’ 6 cards are not too many.

Interestingly, Romania (30) fouled less times in the Euros than the Netherlands (31), while Albania (24) topped the list with a high sportsmanship rating.

From a betting point of view, this is the tougher battle, as Zwayer and the betting are in favour of the over, while the teams are tipping the scales to the under. Based on the averages, the maximum 23 foul tips should sit.

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¿Apuestas a las cartas el martes? – los últimos 1/8 de final podrían ser partidos reñidos

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