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So können Sie bei Sportmarket einzahlen und spielen!

It’s no coincidence that Sportmarket has become a favourite place for professional bettors in recent years. Because it is not a classic bookmaker, it is different from a traditional bookmaker. Sportmarket is a brokerage company founded in 2004, where you can play at more than 10 bookmakers at the same time without having to register. In this article you can learn more about Sportmarket and its advantages and disadvantages. Now, let’s see how you can register, deposit and bet on it.

Registration for the Sportmarket

The easiest way to register for the Sportmarket is via this secure link. During registration you will be asked to provide the usual information such as your personal details, address, date of birth and e-mail address.

From which country can I register for Sportmarket?

The Sportmarket accepts registrations from many countries. You can register from most of Europe, including Italy, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Hungary and Sweden, but there are brokerages on almost every continent, including countries like Mexico, India or Nigeria.

Some important exceptions: UK, France, US, Spain, Germany

Register for Sportmarket PRO

After the normal Sportmarket registration, you must also register for Sportmarket PRO in order to bet. This also only takes a few seconds and then you can easily use the platform to place bets.

Easily track odds changes on Sportmarket

Deposit for the Sportmarket

Sportmarket offers several deposit options. Card, online wallet and cryptocurrency deposits are available.

The minimum deposit amount is always at least €50, but all of them are completely free of charge. Also 1 withdrawal per month is completely free for all versions.

Most deposits are credited instantly, however, you will need to contact support to activate certain deposit options.

Deposits are made to the Sportmarket account, to bet, the deposited amount must be transferred to the Sportmarket PRO account within the site. Betting can then begin.

Betting at Sportmarket PRO

Betting takes place on the Sportmarket PRO interface. Here you can guarantee that you will win as much as possible by selecting the highest odds available for your bet.

In addition to the odds, you can also see the maximum stakes available at each bookmaker, so you can even place your entire stake at two separate bookmakers.

Available bookmaker on Spormarket

  • PS3838
  • Betfair
  • Matchbook
  • Smarkets
  • BetISN
  • IBCbet
  • JAbet
  • 18bet
  • Sharp
  • 3et
  • Molly Exchange

First deposit bonus on Sportmarket

The brokerage offers new clients a 50% first deposit bonus of up to €100. The deposit and bonus must be wagered at least 20 times at odds of at least 1.75.

Why choose Sportmarket?

Using Sportmarket is a must for professional bettors. It gives you access to bookmakers that may be prohibited in your country. If you are looking for the highest odds and want to bet without limits or prohibitions, Sportmarket is the betting site for you.

✅ You will never have restrictions or prohibitions.❌ The minimum deposit is high at €50.
✅ You can play at more than 10 bookmakers at the same time.❌ Betting options are limited.
You can always choose the best odds. ❌ Some bookmakers charge a commission on winnings.
✅ In the Exchange section you can be the bookmaker. ❌ Sportmarket does not accept English, American or French customers.
✅ You can place conditional bets❌ Inactive accounts are automatically locked, but can be quickly reactivated.
✅ You can bet on the most popular sports.
✅ The interface is very clean, but it is also underdeveloped.
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