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Das sind die besten kostenlosen Tipps für das Finale zwischen Dortmund und Real Madrid

The most important club match of the year, the Champions League final, arrives on Saturday evening. After the two finals played so far, the paperwork has been overturned, and Dortmund are probably starting to get their hopes up. Whether this match could be the biggest surprise in the CL final in recent years has already been discussed in a previous article, and now we’ll look at the usual card and foul markets and who could deliver the profits in the last match of the year.

Slavko Vincic with cocaine and prostitution?

You could say that only a referee with an unblemished record and credibility can be given a Champions League final, as this is perhaps the most prestigious meeting in football, along with the World Cup final. And while it’s true that Slovenia’s Slavko Vincic is the man to honour in the 2022 EL gold medal, it’s far from true that he is the perfect face of the CL.

Vincic was arrested back in 2020 on suspicion of being part of a group dealing drugs, weapons and prostitutes.

The referee was arrested in Bosnia and claimed that he had no idea what party he was invited to, so after a few days in police custody he was released. The incident was never followed up and Vincic has since been allowed to drive at the highest level.

Vincic’s stats in international cups

Basically, the Slovenian can’t be called a helpless tip-off man, but rather one of those referees who can give out up to 7-8 yellow cards in a match. Even if he hasn’t had such a meeting this year, the 19 yellows he has given out in 5 matches is not too low, especially considering that he has also officiated several clean matches.

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He hasn’t blown for Real Madrid this season, but it brought Dortmund luck in the quarter-final second leg against Atlético Madrid, where the Spaniards won the cards 2-1 in Germany.

Vincic’s overall career average in the CL is 4.23 and in the International Cup 4.31 cards per game.

But he does not use red cards too often, he has 6 sending offs and 4 penalties in 39 CL matches, which is a rather low number. We don’t think he’s the type to be overwhelmed, he’ll be determined and ready for Saturday night.

„When I heard the news I was very emotional, it’s hard to put my feelings into words. We worked very hard together with my team, so I’m proud of all of us. I don’t really remember how my whole career started, because I started refereeing in Maribor when I was about 20. I became an international judge in 2010 and since then time has flown by.

When the CL anthem comes on, it has the same effect on me as it does on the players, but it’s important to stay focused throughout. It’s also important for us to get to know the style of the teams and analyse them so we can come to the game prepared,“ said Vincic.

Totally balanced statistics between the teams

It’s a rare occasion, but the two CL finalists‘ numbers are almost identical, with virtually no difference. Whether this predicts an even match in terms of cards is of course a good question, but it also depends a lot on how the match develops.

CL final statistics

The CL final numbers are a mixed bag, with 44 cards in the last 10 finals, which is a normal number, but there were 0 and 10 card games – the latter being Real’s against Juventus.

However, an exciting stat is that Real Madrid have not received a single card in their last 2 CL finals, which is now available to bet at @4.85 on 22bet.

Also an incredible stat, but in 2×90 minutes against Liverpool, the Spaniards were fouled a total of 12 times, which might be unusual in a final.

Best free tips for Dortmund-Real Madrid

We tend to think that there won’t be a lot of fouls or cards in a match between two teams playing at such a high level. Vincic will also try to be generous and play the final with few cards, which, if it is a straight Real win, could be an even easier task for him.

If both teams bring their 10-10 foul average, we’re good, but we wouldn’t be surprised by a smoother unders. It’s important to point out that just because the stakes are high doesn’t automatically mean you should take a lot of cards, especially when it comes to a Dortmund-Real pairing.

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