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What is Topsters.com?

Topsters is dedicated to collect and evaluate the experts of the most relevant tipster sites. The goal of our site is to collect the best tipsters from the biggest partners in the business to compare them. We believe that the tipsters can be evaluated in more complicated ways than just by their profits or ROIs, that is why we developed the Topsters-index. It has three main aspects (profitability, stability, and experience) and with its help, the newcomers can estimate the value of the tipsters' subscription.

What is Topsters-index?

This is a special statistical formula that ranks the tipsters. Topsters-index will be updated weekly.

Being a tipster is one of the most difficult professions out there, but the readers probably know this already. Although, the purchasers only like winning tips, it's impossible to always perform strong and win. Whether the tipster is doing it right or wrong depends on the feedback and the number of purchasers, but Topsters helps you tremendously to predict the possible winnings and the risks regarding the tipsters.

Our system evaluates the tipsters in the most complex way, analyzing three different categories that are essential to be reliable.

Profitability, stability, and experience together determine if the tipster is competent in this particular profession.

How the Topsters-index works

After all, the one thing that counts the most is how much profit the tipster makes, although for the investors the circumstances are highly important as well.

For example, if there is a tipster, who makes a ton of profit with low stability, then it is possible to get in a downswing easily, which can cost us half of our bankrolls - after that, the tipster can deliver the winning tips, to no avail, because that does not help us much.

Another good example regarding the importance of the Topsters Index is the statistics of experience, which shows how accomplished the tipster is on the market. If one works with high profitability but a little experience that can mean that a possible relapse can occur easily.

As you can see, the Topsters-index evaluates the tipsters in a complex and high-detailed way, making a certified image of the tipsters from the three biggest services. If you would like to level up your game and improve, look up Topsters and examine your data to learn why aren't you the best tipster on the planet.

What is profitability?

This number shows the likelihood of profiting by making every bet a tipster recommends. It analyses the tipsters' ROC numbers over a given period, whereby newer tips are weighted, so older tips are taken into less and less account as the time progresses.

What is stability?

This number analyses how consistent a tipster's performance is. The smaller the swings of the tipsters' performance, the higher is his Stability. Performance is not taken into account for this statistic.

What is experience?

This shows the creditworthiness of the tipster. A tipster's Experience is based on the number of months where a tipster posted at least 10 tips.

What is ROC?

Return on capital shows the tipsters' profit compared to the investment (a customer's sports betting bankroll). A higher number means that a customer would have profited more by making all the bets the tipster recommended.

What does Yield or ROI mean?

ROI, also known as Yield is the percentual profit or loss on your bets. It shows what percentage of the stake is your profit. ROI = Profit / Stake

How can I subscribe to the chosen tipster?

Topsters.com created a unique world ranking with the tipster-index, which ranks the tipsters of the biggest sites. You can see the rankings here, but you can also use special filters and customize the rankings based on several considerations.

If you want to subscribe to a certain tipster, you can do so by clicking on 'Subscribe'. After this, you'll be redirected to the tipster's 'own page', where you can easily complete the subscription process.

How can I pay for the chosen tipster’s service?

Our partners usually use a wide variety of payment methods. In addition to credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron) you can use online wallets as well (Skrill, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, WebMoney, etc.).

How can I choose the tipster suits me? 

You can browse the profiles of the tipsters, where you'll find detailed statistics about their performance such as the number of picks, favorite sports, most frequently used/recommended sports betting sites. It's important to choose tipsters, who you can follow and you sympathize with. 

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